Monday, October 18, 2010


It’s inevitable, one day your body will reach its end point and you will move on from this world.  Therefore we must realize that our life on this earth is but a journey; a journey that has many forks in its path, many twists, turns, and one way signs.  Health too is a journey, one that we are embarking on every second of every day.  And, just like in our life journey, the minute we let our guard down we become more susceptible to ignoring that one way sign and venture down a path that leads to destruction.  Life is dependent on health, to be more accurate; quality of life is dependent on quality of health. 
Here’s some food for thought.  Before starting out on a road trip or vacation what do you do?  Most of us will pull out the map and find the most efficient or rewarding route to our destination.  So we plan our journey ahead of time to guarantee that we reach our proper destination.  So, if you and your family from Texas decide to take a trip to Colorado and you just randomly begin driving North, you’ll eventually end up in Oklahoma.  While Oklahoma is a destination, it’s not the destination that you had in mind, but due to lack of planning and random driving it is now the vacation you have to accept.  This same principle applies to our health.  If we just randomly float through life and never make the conscious decision to be healthy and make healthy choices we will end up in a place that we never planned; only it will be a bit more drastic than Oklahoma.  To compare, it would be like planning to arrive in Fiji, only to find yourself in some shanty town in Mexico. 
               Being healthy has many components, but can be generalized into three main categories: Nutrition, Motion, and Emotion.  In Dr. Chestnut’s words, “eat well, move well, think well”.  I hope you will join me in discovering how to apply these concepts to your own life and learn how to pull out your own map and plan your route to health.  For now, simply make the decision that you will no longer blindly accept your lack of health and that you will constantly pursue a better, fuller, healthier life.  Remember, health is a journey; you will never reach a finish line and earn unlimited health and wellness.  But you can enrich your journey and make it the best road trip you’ve ever experienced. 
In Health,
Dr. Crawford